ATX Banca pentru impins la piept si cadru genuflexiuni 2 in 1 ATX® Competition Combo Rack, powerlifting,178 x 230 x 142,5-200 cm, negru

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Banca pentru impins la piept si cadru genuflexiuni 2 in 1 ATX® Competition Combo Rack, 178 x 230 x 142,5-200 cm, negru ideala pentru powerlifting si competitii. Rezista pentru incarcari de pana la 750 kg. Este special conceputa pentru impins la piept si genuflexiuni.
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Greutate 238 kg
Adancime 178 cm
Latime 230 cm
Inaltime 142,5 cm - 200 cm
Incarcare maxima 750 kg
Certificare EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
The ATX® Competition Combo Rack is a 2-in-1 competition weight bench specifically designed and manufactured for professional squats and bench press.

The extremely robust and stable design impresses with a net weight of 238 KG for the entire rack with bench, and 124 KG only for the squat rack without Notablagen. 
Built the rack from steel pipes with the dimensions 8x8cm, 7x7cm and 5x5cm, with wall thicknesses of 3mm and 4mm. 
The rack can be quickly and easily adapt to virtually all body sizes. For transport, the rack can be disassembled in a few steps.

- Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S - 
- Quality Products Designed in Germany -

Telescopic dumbbell holders:
The core of the rack forming the two adjustable in height and tilt-telescopic weight rests. 
Each of the trays has two J-hooks, the lower as a rule for the bench press, and which is used above for squats. 
In the J-hooks rotatably mounted cylindrical rollers are integrated in order to align the center abgelgte dumbbell easier. These are made of PA material, and are fitted with needle bearings. When needed, the roles are interchangeable. 
The rollers in the upper J-hooks are provided with a centering groove, the rollers in the lower J-hooks are continuously cylindrical. 
Height of the J-hook for bench press is 755mm to 1330mm.
Height of the J hooks for squats is 1175mm to 1750mm. Each to the bottom edge weight bar. 
Furthermore, the J-hooks are equipped with an impact guard to protect the knurling of the weight bars. 
The telescopic adjustment PA is provided with sliders for easier adjustment and to protect the material. 
The width between the telescopic shelves is 110cm. 
The telescopic dumbbell holders can be precisely positioned, or be inclined by 6.5 ° inward to allow the athlete the barbell with a wide grip to hold it.

Arm lifting system:
The height is adjusted via a lever arm lifting system. The lever arm lifting system enables the adjustment of the weight rests without the weight to be discharged, or have even completely take away from the rack. 
The adjustment grid is 2.5 cm, and can cut by the laser scalings be easily reproduced. 
The package includes 8 locking and lifting pin (4 of which as a reserve). The locking pins are automatically backed up when stored weight rests against falling out. 
The bolt required for lifting can be stored directly on the lever arm.

Bank and platform:
The Bank and the pedestal are autonomous components that can be within one minute to the rack coupling and uncoupling to switch between squats and bench press. 
For loosening and tightening only two Klemmknäufe are required which are provided with a rugged coarse thread, and only slightly must be dissolved to separate the parts. 
The bank has a sleeping area of 122 cm length and 30 cm wide, and a height from the floor of 45cm. 
The artificial leather is a special version with an extremely grippy and non-slip surface. 
The platforms each have a length of 75cm and a width of 25cm and a height of 18cm from the floor.
The size of the platforms allows the helper optimal positioning, and, in conjunction with the Perforated surface for a secure footing.

The Notablagen are only each a clamping knob on the rack on or disconnect. The connector provides an absolutely secure and reliable connection. 
The Notablagen are equipped with weight bars with integrated protectors "Face Safer" and a barrier to the post out to prevent dangerous slipping of the dumbbell. 
The length of the Notablagen amounts to full 66cm from the pole from measured. The distance between the Notablagen is 114cm. 
The smallest height is 61,5cm and the maximum height is 89cm from the floor to the upper edge of tray. 
The adjustment grid is 2.5 cm, and has a laser-cut for easy scaling reproducing the setting heights.
The Teleskopvertellung is provided with PA glides, for easier adjustment and to protect the material.

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